[Matrix-Q Cloud Tool] A Matrix-Q Peace Project that will help us overcome challenges in field multicultural teams effectiveness

The New Library of Alexandria: A Matrix-Q Peace Project

“In order to create a sustainable peace we first need to realize we are all equal, humans. Within the story of our cultures, beliefs and societies, clans, wealth and progress, we all around the global have more in common than we think. We just need to connect the dots. The Matrix-Q Research Institute is designing a new Library of Alexandria, a global peace project. Our first step is the creation of the Matrix-Q Translator; which will help us perceive and re-think our global human history from a completely new perspective” – L.D. Maldonado Fonken [ The Matrix-Q Translator Project ]
Same professional background, several paths to solve problems. Is it the challenge (collaboration, communication, effectiveness) a technical issue, a mean of differences in learning process, skills or actually mindset and culture traits ?
Multicultural and multidisciplinary collaboration creates a challenge to strategic management of the human capital. To have the best team players all together does not mean yet they will all together get the best out of their individual skills and capacity.
How culture influence individual approach to solution making, leadership, strategic management, self-management ?
In which sense perception and emotional intelligence are condition by culture ? How communication and collaboration skills vary from culture to culture ? Is that diversity an asset or a detriment of the business process, it adds value to the organization or challenges effectiveness achievement ?
The Matrix-Q Translator Project will help us deliver a new approach and solution for multicultural and multidisciplinary collaboration.
While our Matrix-Q Quantification of Human Capital Value Tool does give us information on the skills and capacity, potential of our human capital, and investment necessary for its protection, enhancement and maintenance; the Matrix-Q Translator will be utilized in order to advance our understanding on how cultural skills support business effectiveness, and which is the cost of investing in a multicultural team, vs the value of the outcome, long and short term.
The Matrix-Q Translator will not only tell us more about our human capital, but will as well help us create a top match between employees from a variety of cultures, disciplines and skills.
MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions is investing in new cloud based tools and services that will advance our approach to communication, collaboration and effectiveness.
A set of Matrix-Q Tools developed with aim to enhance human and organizational effectiveness  are already being utilized in (F2F) consultancy, coaching and training.
The Matrix-Q Cloud Platform is planned to be online in 2024/2026. We have a great deal of expectations on how this tool will help organizations and multicultural teams perform better.